🌻 😎 A dive where the water is bluest. Try the freshness of our Herbal Teas! 😎 🌻
Nature, at your doorstep
Discover the world of Erbe Ticino: flavors, spices, herbs and herbal teas from our territory.
Enter nature
A pinch of fire from the land of Ticino
The varieties of the most famous chilies in the world are born here.
Inflamed with taste

The unique taste of Summer!

You choose the meat, we bring the spices

The best way to enjoy our herbal teas

The rediscovery of medicinal plants, rigorously cultivated in Ticino

Medicinal plants are the heart of all Erbe Ticino products. We grow them following the principles of organic and natural agriculture, on Swiss territory.

  • Le coltivazioni seguono i dettami dell’agricoltura naturale.
  • The herbs are harvested, dried, cut and blended.
  • The processing is still mostly done by hand.
Regionale Produkte