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Who is Erbe Ticino?

100% organic, natural, local

We work with zero kilometer products, carefully selected and nourished by nature only.

Our herbs, of certified organic quality, come from various growers such as Caritas Ticino, Demanio Cantonale, Azienda Agricola Bianchi, Fondazione San Gottardo and other small but not less important producers.

All our farmers in Ticino and the Mezzana Agricultural Company collaborate to obtain high quality medicinal herbs, working mostly still by hand, as the traditional culture of organic teaches.

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Bio Suisse Logo
Logo Bioticino

Territory, tradition, innovation.

This is our Mission. The project was born from a group of local investors and from the desire to relaunch the Cofti Cooperative, a historical reality in the Val di Blenio specialized in the cultivation and processing of products based on officinal herbs.

The aim is to safeguard plantations in mountain regions, bringing innovation and creativity, but remaining anchored to local traditions and knowledge and reinterpreting the idea of “zero kilometer” in a modern key.

The relaunch of the products marketed by Cofti was possible thanks to the synergy with small production companies in Ticino that allow us to offer several unique items of their kind, with high quality standards.

Socio-professional cooperation

The Erbe Ticino project is also a story of integration between different realities in the area and of activities in the socio-professional sphere.

Social responsibility is at the heart of the project not only for the economic sustainability, which concerns the protection of local producers and the intention to hire local staff, but also for the social and environmental sustainability. In fact, the project is active in the socio-professional field thanks to the collaboration with the foundations Diamante, La Fonte, OTAF, San Gottardo and Caritas Ticino.

At the same time, an important part of the Erbe Ticino project is represented by environmental sustainability, given primarily by the authenticity of the products: “All the farmers we work with are Bio Suisse certified. It is a mark of quality and origin”.

Precious synergies that give extra value to the project and to the Erbe Ticino brand.


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