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Rapelli - Ticinella

Cooperation with chili Ticinella

Ticino chili sausage

The Erbe Ticinos cayenne chili, grown according to natural methods in Mezzana, becomes the protagonist of the Ticino chili sausage. A winning mix with a spicy and decisive taste.

Rapelli - Ticinella

Cooperation with herbs Ticinella

Ticino herbs sausage

From the artisan production of our organic herbs, the condiment is born with a fresh and fragrant note. A combination of sage, thyme and rosemary: the fresh and recognizable Ticino taste.

San Martino Brewery

Cooperation with San Martino Brewery

La Bella beer

Thanks to the collaboration with the San Martino Brewery, “La Bella” is born. Aromatic herbs give this beer its fresh and unique taste.

Butchery Castello

Cooperation with Butchery Castello Capoferri

Flavored Castello​ salt

From the union of the integral gray salt of Butchery Castello and the blend of herbs by Erbe Ticino, the Castello salt is born, ideal for red and grilled meats.


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