Erbe Ticino Experience

Discover the world of Erbe Ticino in this collection that includes all our products. From aromatic salts with herbs from our territory, to hot peppers to heat up your dishes and grills. Hot herbal teas Tisana Olivone and Tisana dei Ghiacci, Tisana Verbena and Tisana Relax (loose). In addition, for a real thirst-quenching experience, we have also included our Tisana Olivone, Tisana dei Fiori and the brand new Olivone 0 (PET), so you can uncork a sip of freshness whenever you feel like it.

What’s included: Blend of Flowers – Grey Wholemeal Salt – Herb Blend – Salt with Aromatic Herbs and Flowers – 2 Ticinese Hot Pepper – 2 hot herbal teas (Tisana Olivone and Tisana dei Ghiacci) – 3 herbal teas in PET (Tisana Olivone 50cl + Tisana dei Fiori 50cl + Tisana Olivone 0 50cl) – Tisana Verbena – Tisana Relax.

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