Tastes of summer

Tastes of summer Bring the sun and the authentic flavours of Ticino to your table with our exclusive ‘’Tastes of Summer‘’ box. This selection is perfect for enriching your summer dishes with a touch of local tradition. Inside you will find:

  • Chilli cream:: A delicious cream that captures the intensity and flavour of chillies grown in sunny Ticino vegetable gardens. Perfect for adding a touch of spice to your dishes.
  • Castle Salt: A fine salt, rich in minerals. Ideal for enhancing the natural flavours of any preparation.
  • Fine Salt with Herbs and Flowers: A fine blend of salt and natural aromas of local herbs and flowers. A versatile seasoning that adds a touch of elegance and fragrance to your dishes.

Rediscover the authentic flavours of Ticino with this unique box, designed for those who love the taste of tradition and quality craftsmanship. Perfect as a gift or to enrich your kitchen with genuine and delicious ingredients.

Original price was: CHF 28.50.Current price is: CHF 22.90.

Pagamento Sicuro

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