Experience summer to the fullest with our “Summer Vibes” box, an exclusive selection of products that encapsulate the essence and energy of summer days in Ticino. This box is perfect for your aperitifs and outdoor evenings, bringing freshness and flavor to any occasion. Inside you will find:

  • Erbe Ticino logoed cutting board: An elegant wooden cutting board, personalized with the Erbe Ticino logo, perfect for serving cheese, cold cuts and other delicacies during your summer aperitifs.
  • Six Bottles of Matta Beer: Tasty craft beers, perfect for refreshing your summer evenings with friends and family.
  • Jar of Ticinese chilies: Chilies carefully grown in our Ticinese gardens, ready to add a spicy and authentic touch to your dishes.
  • Fine herb and flower salt: A delicate salt blend enriched with local herbs and flowers to enhance the flavors of each of your culinary creations.
  • Herb Blend: An expertly selected mix of herbs from Ticino, perfect for flavoring meats, fish and vegetables, adding a touch of freshness and nature.

The “Summer Vibes” box is designed for those who want to experience and share summer with taste and authenticity. Perfect as a gift idea or to enrich your moments of conviviality with high quality products and unmistakable flavor.

Original price was: CHF 56.80.Current price is: CHF 44.90.

Pagamento Sicuro

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