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The supply chain


The quality and freshness of our herbs follow the principles of organic farming and derive from controlled crops of the Swiss territory.
Medicinal plants are the heart of all Erbe Ticino products.

Our farmers collaborate to obtain high quality medicinal herbs, according to the standards of organic crops. The processing is still mostly done by hand.


In the organic production of aromatic herbs, a lot of work is done in the preparation of the soil, for the planting of the seedlings and for the care of the weeds during the season.

A lot of effort is also needed for the harvest.

While for fertilization or irrigation, most of the herbs grown in Ticino do not have great needs.

A story of love, nature and territory

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This is how our products are born

The harvest

Each plant has an ideal period to be harvest, that is when the presence of essential oils is greater. Harvesting herbs at the right time is essential to preserve their organoleptic qualities.

The cut

The dried product undergoes the "cut" that is, it is reduced to the right size (for herbal tea, powder, etc.) according to the final use. Thanks to this operation it is possible to make mixtures composed of several herbs, obtaining a synergy of their therapeutic properties.

The drying

It takes place at the Orto il Gelso, in Melano, owned by the San Gottardo Foundation with a plant that aims to become the reference point for all producers of medicinal herbs. In fact, L'Orto il Gelso has the only active professional dryer in Ticino.

The mixing

To obtain a good blend of medicinal herbs it is necessary to use synergistic plants that can strengthen their respective therapeutic properties with their union. It is also important to include aromatic plants in the mixture to correct the taste and make the product even more pleasant on the palate.


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