Ticino in tavola

1 Sale fine con erbe aromatiche e fiori, 1 Sale grigio integrale, 1 Miscela di erbe, 1 Miscela di fiori, 1 Peperoncino ticinese a scaglie, 1 Peperoncino ticinese HOT

An evening with friends, a barbecue, a raclette or a special touch for every night’s dinner. In this set we have encapsulated the essence of the aromas and spices of our crops, from mountain flowers to decorate your dishes to spicy and whole grain salts. And finally, two jars of chili peppers: one to put the accent (Ticinese with Cayenne) and one to put the exclamation point (Ticinese Hot with Habanero).

CHF 55.00

Pagamento Sicuro

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